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i've already staked claim to 2011, now i just have to do something with it
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Dear Travis:

Congratulations! It is our pleasure to inform you that the Regional Arts & Culture Council is awarding funds for your Artistic Focus Project Grant Proposal!
And so on. $5,092 has been awarded me for the short version of The World of Missing Persons. So I guess I know what 2011's going to look like, at least in part.

Off the top of my head, starting next year I really need to:
  • Contact crew (starting with coordinating Jon's return from NY to shoot);
  • Find a producer and convince them to help me run the show and raise funds;
  • With them, set up a Kickstarter and other events;
  • Spend due time submitting like mad the last few films;
  • Find a server, do some redesign (or hire someone) and get my websites (especially and back up and running again;
  • Write like a motherfucker, because TWOMP is not a workable script right now;
  • Also keep some wheels turning on One Day in the Future and/or Dogsview Ln. -- or even possibly Ellipsis -- because this production is going to be the dress rehearsal for a much bigger project;
  • Complete a script/draft I can submit to the Sundance Institute;
  • Shoot The World of Missing Persons;
  • Be in a position by the end of the year where I can actually begin my first feature production, including script, producer and crew, and budget or ideas for budget.

Piece of cake.

I tell you what. It's going to be a breezy year.


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