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the prints and the popper
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Long story short, nearly two weeks of bureaucracy and phone tag and being runaround by pharmacists, doctors, and insurance representatives have culminated in a small prescription of Vyvanse. Today was my first day on the stuff.

Last week, for a couple of days I tried out some Focalin XR I'd been given (but told to wait to compare to the Vyvanse once I finally got it -- it was a bad week and I got tired of waiting). It's tough to say anything definitive after one day, but the Vyvanse definitely didn't hurt. It's supposed to be a smoother effect over all than Focalin and it definitely was that. It's also hard to say how much is "placebo effect" as I expect to be more productive and so it helps me stay in the mindset of actually being productive. What I can say is, I sat at the mall for 6.5 hours and then at Laika for another 2+ hours and I worked without complaint or major distraction. I rewrote a good chunk of The World of Missing Persons and I pretty much addressed all the issues I felt needed addressing. It's not perfect, but I put in 9 solid hours and instead of giving up because I was mentally exhausted I gave up because I felt the work had been thoroughly exhausted. I couldn't move forward on it without some time and some feedback, and so I went home and started doing a list of chores I'd written for myself.

Among those "chores" was framing and wrapping a gift I got Jen -- really, I got it for her on a totally unmotivated whim but it happened to ship here just in time for Valentine's Day and so tomorrow morning I'm giving her a day-early V-day present (shhhh). It's the top, larger print below, so perfectly both a bear and a king, her two favorite things. I'm pretty proud of it and have had a tough time keeping my mouth shut while I waited for it to arrive.

The smaller framed prints in the photo were some art I also got myself, little pieces from a set. They now adorn the bedroom wall above my TV. I like the idea of a team of hat-wearin' birds and their manatee bud. Anyway, yeah. I don't have a better picture of the bear one but that's the one I'm most excited about, just because it seems like such an ideal gift for the lady.

But here are mine up on my wall:

(I'll try to come back and add a picture of hers on her wall once it's there.)

First, I need to sneak over tonight in the middle of the night, gift in hand, and crawl into her bed. Presumably she can open it in the morning. Or late tonight if she won't wait/is up.

Okay, so that's a brief update. Pills help me work and art helps me show my affection for my girlfriend.

In other news, it's Valentine's Day on Monday, the PIFF is going on right now, my 44-page "short" script is going back on the chopping block this next week at Writing Group, and my websites are back up -- is virtually unchanged (the resume hasn't even been updated since 2008!), but is now and is in the middle of a major overhaul.

I am stressed as hell about this year's TWOMP production, for enough different reasons that it probably deserves its own post (someday). But today was a good day. I didn't feel overwhelmed, and I accomplished a lot.

Tomorrow, a PIFF double-feature and a day devoted to Jen-Travis Times.

Onward, upward, whateverward.

(How could I not make this post, with a title like that?)

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