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burning films
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I may be the first of my friends to be (seriously) called a Hitler Youth.

Cribs and Interviews Gone Wild are done with. Biggest crowd I've ever shown something for. Went on TV, too, I hear, and apparently they're going to post them online, though between you and me that would amount to over a hundred copyright violations. Not my problem, though. Rumor has it that if WW backs it, DVDs may or may not come out as well. My personal biggest achievement wasn't likely to garner much in the way of comments, though. I did the titles for PMW, IGW, and the credits sequences for all of us. The record player and the photo/contact-sheet gratuitous plug with all our faces (which was explicitly requested by Jefferson Smith and Mark Zusman)--that was me. Though I had a hand in all of it, of course.

It's great when a little line or joke or physical gag or edited-reaction-shot that was yours destroys a crowd of 1500, but bottom line, Adrian killed as the host. I heard that someone (I believe WW editor Mark Zusman) told Adrian afterward, "I hope you've got a pocket full of condoms."

Met with Kumar, and I'm now a hired Final Cut Pro and editing consultant (making one more bullet-point on my business card true). Went pretty well, considering. Then I went and saw Brick alone. I recommend it. Though you can bring a friend if you must.

And now I'm home and I haven't recovered from this weekend. Four nights in a row I was at the studio until well past sun-up with Lindsay and usually others. The Sunday before the show I got exactly one hour of sleep in somewhere between thirty-six and thirty-eight hours. Last time I did that was for Identity. And how's this for a segue: speaking of, Identity is apparently in three or four film festivals now. I like Chris's trick: sending out as many submissions as possible all at once, so by the time the first rejection letter is received and you instantly lose confidence in the piece, it's already getting looked at elsewhere and, eventually, accepted.

Eat Your Heart Out is next weekend. We're probably shooting the Montage, though the logistics of it may prove tricksy. After that, there might be some slow down, at which point I imagine the Water Bureau thing will come together, my webpages may or may not go up, my films may or may not be completed and sent out, likely Cooley-style, and I may or may not get eight hours of sleep in a row.

Tonight I've vowed not to set foot inside the studio. Tonight I'm vegetating. I might go catch another movie. Or I might sleep.

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You were right about it being difficult to get tickets... I'm sorry I missed it.

See you at The Montage.

Fantastic job

The videos were the highlight of the night. Congratulations.

They really were quite excellent.

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