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because of the interesting word usements i structure

7 August 1978
Everything about me can be defined by Internet Quizzes:

Secular humanist, according to emode's religion test;
69% Nerd, 43% Geek, 56% Dork, according to okcupid's nerd test;
Apparently I'm a democrat (76% socially permissive, 35% economically permissive), at least according to okcupid's politics test;
Destined to die on Friday, May 19, 2051, according to deathclock.com;
49.62% pure, according to some purity test or other;
With a 53.33% Female, 46.67% Male brain, according to blogthing's gender-brain test.

What more could I tell you?
!!!, √-1, alan moore, art, astronauts, atheism, awesomeness, beckett, being, bitterness, bret easton ellis, brilliance, capital g's, celebrity zombies, character, cinema is dead, circles, collecting things, comic books, comics, commas, computers, criterion collection, cubes, cynicism, doing, dorky girls, dreams, dvds, entropy, film, filmmaking, foreign films, genius, girls, girls in glasses, girls with glasses, good domestic films, grunge, harold pinter, hearing, hubris, humanity, humor, ideas, immortality, indie girls, intellectual pursuits, io, isaac asimov, jean-luc godard, journal comics, kids in the hall, knowing things, kurt vonnegut, lamnitude, left-field humor, lego, leonard cohen, literature, local bands, local music, long pointless lists, lowercase t's and e's, making out, mario, mega-man, memories, metadata, metaphor, michael j. anderson, milkshake parties, mix tapes, movies, mp3s, music, myself, narrative, nerd girls, nes, ninja turtles, non linearity, obscurity, online comics, oral sex, overintellectualization, photography, pinot gris, pinter, pirates, placebo, poetry, poignant irony, portland, preacher, random foreign vocabulary, reading, robots, sarcasm, semantics, sex, spheres, spider jerusalem, squares, statler & waldorf, story structure, storytelling, supervillains, symbols, tetris, the color orange, the mars volta, the tenets of taoism, theatre of the absurd, they might be giants, transmetropolitan, twin peaks, unpretentious people, verbing nouns, watching, watchmen, whiskey, wit and humor, wong kar-wai, words, writing, y the last man, you,